Web design

Never Not Hustling

Halo Channel

Worked as a Visual Designer on the creation of the Halo Channel app. Worked with a talented group of individuals for this multi-platform endeavor.

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Hip Cooks

A visual update concept to the chain of cooking schools known as Hip Cooks.  With the logo we added some contrasting yet playful fonts for the site we created a

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EDCC eLearning Rebranding

A rebranding of the Edmonds Community College’s eLearning umbrella of courses.  The logo itself adaptable to a variety of majors with a focus on the individuality of the students and

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R.ism Salon

Website design for Maiko Suzuki’s salon in Yaminishi Japan.  The concept and design were influenced by photos that she had sent us of the interior of the salon and key

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Kitai Knitting Room

Website design for a Knitting School and Store in Japan.  Several references associated with knitting were used in the creation of the site. The client asked for the it to

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Apps Training

Edmonds Community College’s Technology Resource Center tasked me with the creation of a campaign that would assist in improving the knowledge and usage of the campus’s instance of Google Apps. To

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